Capturing the
Heart of Hunting

At Hunters Heart Taxidermy, we are passionate about every phase of the hunting process, from the exhilarating experience you have in the field, to capturing and perfecting every detail of your invaluable memory in a museum-quality trophy. 

Utilising the latest, cutting-edge taxidermy technology and tailor-made processes with the client’s needs at its core, our products are our pride, and embody the essence of nature’s true beauty and perfection.

At Hunters Heart it is our mission to provide an ultimate and individualised taxidermy service, capturing with the tip of a brush true to life reflections of your valued hunting trophies. By working closely with each client and utilising our extensive knowledge of South Africa and its wildlife, we deliver bespoke lifelike trophies and mounts of superior quality.

Our skilled artisans specialise in full trophy mounts, shoulder mounts and pedestal mounts, but are up to any task and determined to make your memory come to life. Each unique trophy is handled with the utmost care in reproducing authentic details.

A 3 step process before your next hunting adventure to Africa


Our Values

We strive to serve hunters from across the globe with unrivalled standards of unique taxidermy artistry and customer service.

In the Kuruman community situated in the very centre of the Northern Cape province of South Africa, we believe in sustainability and that nothing should go to waste.

This belief is paramount to everything that we do at Hunters Heart, from the sustainable utilisation of natural resources to ensuring that responsible hunting practices are followed.

How it started

Hunters Heart founder and CEO, Ruan Viljoen, is an avid hunter and conservationist with a passion for securing the sustainability of hunting in South-Africa. Ruan has been a professional in the industry for many years, hunting his first African buffalo at the young age of 13, and growing up admiring his father’s impressive collection of over 66 trophies.

It is because of this extensive background in the hunting industry that we appreciate and understand the significance of expressing each client’s memories with our custom craftsmanship, and why we focus so greatly on delivering a superb customer experience.

The conservation of our wildlife resources, and of responsible hunting in our region is imperative to sustaining the legacy of our community. As a conservation-centred company, we endeavour to establish a total value chain in the community where the income generated from hunting practices, directly or indirectly, can be traced and measured. We therefore ensure that no part of an animal goes to waste: unutilised meat feeds the community and skins are transformed into unique bags and other sellable products by local entrepreneurs.

Every hunter contributes to this ideology, and to the survival of the industry.