Our Professional
Taxidermy Services

We believe in being close to our customers and for your convenience making contact has never been easier. You can either appoint us via our Online Registration, WhatsApp, e-mail or telephone.

After first contact, a dedicated team member gets assigned to your portfolio to ensure that you receive expert customer service and a professional taxidermy experience.  Your trophies would be ready to pack between 8-12 months from the date of payment received.  Our Terms & Conditions are included in our Data Pack when you register to receive our Brochure.

Custom Taxidermy

We specialise in custom mounting which gives us a distinct advantage when creating one-of-a-kind trophies for our client.  As my artist statement explains, our work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance.  We do not rely on standard forms, we resize and sculp each form to fit the animal’s natural anatomy to the size of the skin received.  Attention to detail, by a very strict Quality Control Department, on muscle definition, hide texture, eye expression, veins and pose to be anatomically correct.  When you need Africa alive, you need a Hunters Heart signature.

Our skilled artisans specialise in full trophy mounts, shoulder mounts and pedestal mounts, but are up to any task and determined to make your memory come to life.

Dip and Pack

Processing your Trophies

We take pride in the 3 months completion from the date that payment is received.

This cost-effective raw trophy preparation will ensure that your skins and horns will be clean and pest-free according to State Veterinary regulations.  Well-prepared skins and skulls will ensure top quality products.  Our service is of the highest standard in the industry, and we take pride in our signature of perfection.

Tan & PACK

Hunters Heart Taxidermy offers this professional and cost-effective tanning option, getting you the highest quality tanned hide, ready to be mounted, no delays and no risk of damage to your raw hides in transit.  From our team of experienced fleshers handling thousands of hides every year to the automated tanning process, every phase has a documented quality control procedure.

This ensures that you do not lose any of the characteristics of a hide prepared for taxidermy, like stretching.  Receiving your shipment, in only 20 minutes your hide can be rehydrated and ready to be mounted by your appointed Taxidermy aboard.


We have been importing and exporting trophies from across the globe as well as our neighbouring African countries.  We have a dedicated team and make use of a freight agent that specializes in this service for decades.  If you appoint us as your preferred services provider you sign up for peace-of-mind with no double handling on data packs; a proactive process with no delays in submission or risk that paper trails get delayed or lost; and a timed schedule ensuring the alignment of work-in-progress and readiness to ship with all the relevant documentation in place, happens spontaneously.  This is a huge advantage.  Our customers have the option to take out insurance on their shipment, if required.  This approach makes us unbeatable and guarantee our lead times as the fastest turnaround time in Africa.

Free Collection Of Trophies

Once you have completed your hunting safari, you or your hunting Outfitter can contact Hunters Heart Taxidermy for the free collection of your trophies anywhere in South Africa.  We will then agree on a date and time to collect the trophies.  Alternatively, you can inform us before the safari commences, to arrange a date for the collection of your trophies from the hunting Outfitter. 

On collection of your trophies, we go through each trophy, together with the hunting Outfitter or representative appointed by the hunting Outfitter.  We make sure that all trophies are in good order and that they are tagged properly.  All trophies are recorded on a Hunters Heart Taxidermy register, of which the hunting Outfitter receives a copy after it has been signed off by the responsible person.  Upon return, a copy of the Hunters Heart Taxidermy register is handed in and the hunting documentation received from the Professional Hunter / hunting Outfitter is processed.  The client will then be contacted via e-mail to notify them of the receipt of their trophies.

Skinner Training
for Outfitters

Hunters Heart Taxidermy offers exclusive Skinner training to ensure top quality preparation for field preparation of your trophies.  This value-add is to help outfitters not only to prepare your trophies, but to also assist with their succession planning of their staff.  Each skinner receives a set of knives and intensive training and will receive a Hunters Heart Taxidermy certificate of completion.

Field Preparation
of Storage Facility

The importance of the handling and storage of your trophies during the field preparation process is of utmost importance for us to ensure that you receive a high-quality end-product.  During collections or pre-season visits, with the permission of the Outfitter / Professional Hunter, we offer a service to disinfect and clean the trophy handling and storage facility to taxidermy standards.